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Wild Kingdom

Thursday, July 24th, 2008

Animals, man. I’ll tell you: I can pretty much be in the most fantastic place anywhere and if so much as a dung beetle makes an appearance (as one tireless and determined one did pushing its dungball through the grasses of the plateau of the Toltec ruins we explored; but I’ll spare you) I almost immediately bring my camera to bear upon it.

Such was the case of this lizard, which my sharp-eyed Susan spotted at the top of a 10-foot rock wall as I photographed details of the pyramid’s base adjacent to where it was hanging out and catching some rays, giving me plenty of time to mount my 300-mm lens and pull it in closer (click for moderate enlargification):

Somewhat surprisingly there wasn’t a whole lot of indigenous fauna to be found throughout our travelings. Not counting the countless stray dogs and grackles — and the dung beetle, of course — I had somewhat been expecting more variety of wildlife.

Comin´ Home

Friday, July 18th, 2008

I won´t even try to figure out where to begin. We´ve seen the Toltek ruins in Tula and while there found a hole in the wall eatery in town called Parrillada Country that was a tasty treasure. We Strolled the richly historic streets of the colonial section of Queretaro and marveled at its remarkable collection of churches big and small along with its 280-year-old aqueduct, and since Monday have been here in Guanajuato at the Hotel Posada Santa Fe, our base of operations from which we´ve just been exploring exploring exploring: Diego Rivera´s childhood home, the mummy museum, the municipal cemetery, the Alhondigas (from which the decapitated heads of Mexico´s revolutionary leaders were hung on orders of the Spanish government in cages for 10 years, the hooks are still there… fortunately the heads were entombed in Mexico City after independence was won), the Don Quixote Museum, the underground transit tunnels, more museums and, of course, churches, churches, and more churches.

I apologize for the blog silence this past week. There are only two internet computers available at the hotel (which we didn´t even know about until yesterday) and I didn´t bring a laptop — and that´s just as well as I wouldn´t have had the time or energy to recount anything at the ends of our full days loade with (almost) enough margaritas, plenty of cervezas, wonderful food, countless places of interest, the excellent occasional company of former contributor and Echo Parkian Hexodus, who´s a temporary expat down here studying Spanish history at the university (and who pointed us to what´s become our favorite haunt: a cafe called Truco 7). Above all I´ve been able to share it all with my love Susan, the greatest traveling partner ever!

And tomorrow we come home… with some souvenirs, the thousands of pictures we´ve taken, the memories of yet another fantastic journey, and two renewed resolutions: to read ¨Don Quixote,¨and to learn Spanish if for no other reason to know how to ask for whipped cream on my malteadas!