Wild Kingdom

Animals, man. I’ll tell you: I can pretty much be in the most fantastic place anywhere and if so much as a dung beetle makes an appearance (as one tireless and determined one did pushing its dungball through the grasses of the plateau of the Toltec ruins we explored; but I’ll spare you) I almost immediately bring my camera to bear upon it.

Such was the case of this lizard, which my sharp-eyed Susan spotted at the top of a 10-foot rock wall as I photographed details of the pyramid’s base adjacent to where it was hanging out and catching some rays, giving me plenty of time to mount my 300-mm lens and pull it in closer (click for moderate enlargification):

Somewhat surprisingly there wasn’t a whole lot of indigenous fauna to be found throughout our travelings. Not counting the countless stray dogs and grackles — and the dung beetle, of course — I had somewhat been expecting more variety of wildlife.