Around The House

On the day after another successful yet not uneventful Midnight Ridazz (posted about here on the Bicycle Kitchen blog), it was all about hanging around the house and taking it easy, which meant kicking it in sun in a beachchair in the backyard with a Diet Dr. Pepper, my current book (Curse of the Narrows), and the Canon DV camera for which I purchased a memory card yesterday and decided to check out its purported picture-taking capabilities

High-resolution it is not, but at the same time I can utilize the cam’s 40x zoom and get some decent close-ups… at least decent enough to serve my online purposes:

Still life with beverage and rosemary bush

Bink trying to hypnotize me at the backdoor

Pepper is the sweetest cat, but he just always looks naturally evil

A bee-yoo-tee-ful butterfly

Busy bee in the tree of the tiny fragrant flowers

Jiggy up a tree