Been There, Done That

Since I’m still not up to speed in terms of collecting my thoughts or getting a mass of photos from our weekend trip to Death Valley up and online, another brief post with a single snap (by Susan) will be all you get from me.


There I am with my trusty Ibex Monday afternoon at 1,386 feet above sea level on the floor of the Panamint Valley at the end of my 17-mile downhill on Wildrose Road, which began at Mahogany Flats Campground at 8,133 feet. The Panamint Mountains are in the background and I’m pointing to the 11,049-foot Telescope Peak, which is where I had been about 23 hours previously on Sunday.

I still can’t believe it.

In other news: Did ya see the sweet photo of the magnolia blossom I posted on I snapped that this morning. Or howsabout the photo I posted on Flickr of the mommy longlegs and her 50-plus children chilling in the garage that I found this afternoon while emptying the truck of all our camping stuff.