Pupdate No. 1

Amazing how time flies when you’re having puppies. Has it really already been more than a week since Susan and I found them in the desert off Highway 163 in Utah?



Seems like yesterday… but on the flipside, has it only been eight days? In a lot of ways it seems much longer. Especially since they’ve adjusted so well to the travels and our home and our animals — and grown! Why just yesterday I had to loosen the suddenly snug collars on all but Blackjack.

They’re still “exploring” where the boundaries exist with Shadow and the cats. Shadow seems to be slowly resigning herself to the interlopers, but still issues a sharp bark/snarl when they encroach. And the cats are taking to tutoring them accordingly. Pepper’s become the most willing instructor, ready to apply a clawless smackdown to any of the whippersnappers who cross the line. Surprisingly Jiggy’s the most tolerant of them in close quarters, I’ve yet to hear him hiss or see him swipe. He usually just puts up with their attentions for as long as he can and then retreats to higher ground. Bink and Pumpkin mostly keep their distances as well, but I’ve seen them hissing and waving forepaws at the foursome.

All in all it’s just remarkable how all the four-leggers are getting along.

Yesterday we had our first prospective adopter come by. Very nice man named Carlos who brought his wife and infant son over. They have their eyes on Blackjack but need a couple weekends at least before they can take her home.

I must admit as the appointment time drew nearer and the reality that Blackie might be leaving set in I felt pangs over the thought of breaking up the gang — especially when I watch how they all interact with each other during their frequent romp ‘n stomps in the backyard. While I’m certainly wanting to get all the outbound pups placed in loving homes, I wasn’t at all dissatisfied after Carlos and his family left that the quartet would remain united even if only for a few more days. I think it’s good for them, too. The longer they’re together and the more they can become socialized, not only with their siblings but Shadow and cats, the better dogs they’ll be. Plus it’ll give me a chance to point various cameras in their general direction and get some new images/video. Maybe even set up a Puppy webcam.