I’m Finished Venting

Back in May I posted about having an inspector call to examine what turned out to be the unapprovable installation of the venting pipes leading from the new water heaters put in earlier that month. I had grand plans of making it a DIY job instead of attempting to get the negligent plumbing company in question back out here to rip us off further, but one thing led to another and dang if the whole thing didn’t slip my mind.

Well a couple weeks ago Susan and I pow-wowed over our upcoming agenda items and with me duly reminded that this was still on the books we decided to get the job done once and for all so last week we made a Home Depot run for what yesterday I discovered turned out to be the wrong sized piping. So back I went and returned all of the stuff and got the right size stuff and a couple hours later I’m happy to say that our water heating vents are now as up to code as I can hope (or at least until we get the inspector back out here to find something else wrong). it was a relatively easy job of changing out about eight feet of single-wall piping for double wall in the basement, and then adding enough sections to extend it at least 12 inches above the roof line (I went a little beyond that mark), like so:


Despite the installers “guarantee” the work was up to code, given the multiple messages I left for them that went ignored and unanswered, I have no doubt the shisters would’ve loopholed out of that responsibility and raked us for overcharged materials plus another mass of labor had we gotten them to come back out here.

And besides, it gave me a sense of accomplishment that resulted in a big proud hug from my baby, plus a chance to get up on the roof and check out the nice view (click to biggify):