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This is Ranger’s “I’ll be good from now on” face, which is pretty much interchangeable with her “I didn’t do nuthin'” face and her “I swear the cats started it” face (note the blur of the wagging tail):


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Not only did I just send out a rambling email updating the handful of interested individuals (to varying degrees) in joining me for all or part of my Sunset Boulevard walk February 10, but I whipped up a commemorative t-shirt, too:



Is the former first lady, current senator from New York and recently announced presidental candidate so ashamed of her last name that she won’t even put it on her campaign graphics? Is there actual concern among her managers that drawing attention to “Clinton” might be detrimental to her chances. Did she or they stop to consider that to so obviously try not to draw attention to it might seem laughably boneheaded?

So this weekend Susan searched for and found a handyman from Angie’s List and shot him an email with a list of around-the-house projects she’d compiled. There’s the leaky fixtures in her bathroom and the plaster that’s peeling away above the tile of the bathtub surround. There’s more plaster and paint peeling in the living room ceiling over the couch and the drafty gap at the bottom of the front door needs filling. Lastly there’s the unused toilet and broken sink in the bathroom-turned laundry room off the kitchen that need removing to give us a little more space/storage in there.

Long story short after she told me she’d contacted the prospective handyman I told her that since my days are basically occupied with job hunting and writing and playing fetch with Ranger and the occasional grafitti clean-up and riding my bike that I’d certainly be willing to tackle them the best I could (and promising to stop if I got beyond my means/comfort zone). Definitely I’m no plumber but if the leaky faucets might only need some new washers and getting rid of the toilet is just a couple bolts, some turns of a wrench and a heave, and the failing plaster is just some scraping, sanding, maybe some spackle and new paint, then I’m pretty much in a decent position to step up and see if I can keep those projects “in-house” so to speak.

Wish me luck.

For the first time in years I tuned in this morning to what had once been a television never-miss: “CBS Sunday Morning” with Charles Osgood. I’d been a fan since deep into its days hosted by the great Charles Kuralt. If I wasn’t quite sure why I had strayed away and for so long I found out this morning, which would’ve been no different from the past couple hundred Sundays had Susan not decided she wanted to see it and turned on the last 20 minutes or so of the 90-minute program.

We saw an interesting piece on Bob Seger’s return to the stage, which reminded me how much I missed the show, but that was then followed by a commentary by Ben Stein which reminded me why the weekend staple was no longer on my TV viewing plate. Shoe-horned onto my screen was Stein feeling the imperative to smack back at the “untrustworthy” media that jumped all over and up and down upon Duhbya after his state of the union address last week. In foisting upon me his opinion that the presididn’t isn’t all that bad and certainly not worth being called irrelevant and insignificant and lame by apparently every newsroom pundit in America and Merle Haggard, I don’t think I’ve ever seen Stein so worked up — certainly never on his silly game show and not since that Beuhler kid decided to take the day off from school.

At the beginning he said:

“The media is staging a coup against Mr. Bush, just the way they did against LBJ and Nixon and tried to do against Reagan. They cannot impeach Bush because only Congress can do that. But the media is doing what it can to basically oust Mr. Bush while still leaving him lifting weights in the White House.”

And at the end:

“But no one elected the media to anything. In the TV studios and newsrooms, there is a lynch mob at work. Let’s see it for what it is. Mr. Bush is the only President we have, and, with all his faults, I trust him a lot more than I trust the unelected princes and princesses of the newsroom.

In between and for whatever reason he took a potshot against alleged media darling and legendary singer Merle Haggard who “knows nothing of what’s up in America right now,” and he intimated that it was unfair to hurl arrows at BushCo for the Iraq debacle because he wasn’t the first leader of our nation to make big mistakes. “What about Vietnam? What about Korea?” Stein asks.

No doubt those are Clinton’s faults, too.

Stein cites the country’s economic boomtimes and staggering employment and the spotlessness of there being no terrorist attacks on this country since 9/11. True enough. How convenient though, that Stein had nothing to say about the continuing disaster of post-Katrina New Orleans — but hey, grating minds think alike: Duh-bya in all his questionable relevance saw that debacle as nationally irrelevant and unworthy of mention either. Stein also seems to conveniently focus his narrow field of vision on some strange media revolt occuring, when in fact the true and inarguable coup came last November when the majority of the people of these United States rose up in protest with their votes. Stein has nothing to say about that, though. The media is a far easier target to poke at than those millions of us that poked our ballots in disgust.

Via an outlet of the very media he disdains, Stein exclaims his trust of Duh-bya far exceeds that of the populations of American newsrooms. I give that a yikes, but he is certainly entitled to his opinion — just as I’m entitled to hope I go the rest of my life without hearing anything else half-baked that he might have to say. Looks like as long as I stay away from what once was my favorite TV program, I’ll be able to do that.

Most humans have no idea how severely the dog community at-large frowns upon illicit catfood use. I’ve run interventions with Ranger about this in the past and though she’s repeatedly indicated that she’s got her habit under control, I warned her that if she persisted I’d be forced to post shameful evidence of her addiction.

A review of yesterday’s timelapse video from the recently reconnected Caminalz Cam shows conclusive evidence of her unabated poaching. Behavior that she continues to deny despite the proof. Thus and sadly — but with the best intentions — I have no choice but to out her for the Meow Mix-munching mutt she is:


If you’ve been around me and/or this blog for a bit you might remember that when I did both the bike tour and the marathon in 2005 (with absolutely zero training and 50 pounds heavier than I am now) I chronicled the painfully long day via phonecam snaps and audio blog posts. If you weren’t with me then and wanna check it out you can find them here in the archives of my Blogger blog.

Seeing as I’ll be subjecting myself to both events this March 4 it only made sense for me to live-blog it again as well. But this time I’ve set up a self-contained marathon blog on Blogger that can be found here.

I was sad to find there’s been a discontinuation of the old audblog service that I used to provide narration of the hell I experienced two years ago, but I’m hopeful that I can find another outfit that will allow me to provide regular updates of whatever new swear words progress made throughout that long, long day.