Apparently “Ed” Was Wrong

Couple-three weeks ago you might recall I hauled my buddypal “Ed” out of the shadows of trollville and introduced him to whoever seven of you happened to be reading my blog that day. If you don’t want to click that link I’ll just nutshell it for you:

  1. I wrote a sneering post in response to a January 8 L.A. Times article that went make-me-gag ga-ga over the joys of reallyreallyreally expensive custom bicycles and the really rich and/or debt-riddled dudes who ride them.
  2. Four days later “Ed” must have googled “sneering post about custom bicycles,” found my take on the matter and came back with a really bright comment expressing a flagrant lack of understanding as to why I’m having such a pill over the topic. Despite proving himself a phony-name-using idiot for not being able to figure out the answer to that on his own, he showed a remarkable ability to bring his own special brand of genius from straight outta nowhere and peg me as unemployable because I think $8,000 bikes are stupid.
  3. I responded to that pathetic smooth-brained low blow insult by virtually pointing and laughing and by seriously considered showing up at his Hollywood workplace (found via a very basic bit of sleuthing wherein I Whois’d the IP number captured with his comment) and taking a really big sniff until I discerned the very unique aroma of I-didn’t-realize-I-could-be-tracked-down-that-way asshat that could only come from him.

Of course I let sleeping tards lay and didn’t dare seek out the bonehead. In fact, other than some residual harumphing in the immediate aftermath wondering if he’d come back to troll some more and stoke the smoldering blaze with another stupid comment (he didn’t), I forgot about “Ed” and the weak wound he inflicted and got back to the job of finding a job and only just now thought about him having just gotten off the phone and found out that I’m starting Monday back at a new gig in El Segundo. Yes, it’s the same company as before (but a different department), and yes it’s only temporary (but with the potential after this project is compeleted of longer-term work if I want it), and yes there’s that annoying commute. But frankly I could be traveling farther to work for a lot less than the $30 bucks an hour I’ll be making (which will buy me a lot of bus tokens).

And the relief just to be generating a positive cash flow? Priceless.