At 5:19 a.m. a restless Ranger was whimpering and trotting around the house and so I got up to let her out into the backyard thinking she had to pee, which she may have hade to do, but instead she first charged up into the corner of the backyard and practically right into the ass of a fleeing skunk, who gave her a little somethin’ somethin’ right in the face. Actually a lot of somethin’ somethin’.

We’ve quarantined her outside and shrugged our shoulders because such a close encounter was bound to happen at some point. And it’s kinda funny watching Ranger attempt the “rub a little dirt on it” treatment, but now I’m off to the store for these ingredients to see if they’ll work in the aroma removal procedure that’ll be coming up next.

How’s your Saturday morning so far?

UPDATE (9:53 a.m.): Well, it wasn’t too bad. It appears Ranger was dealt a glancing spray across the chest and shoulder/flank, and took to being bathed surprisingly calmly — and the mixture had a positive, but not total effect on the odor.

UPDATE No. 2 (11:07 a.m.): Susan’s got pix up of me and Ranger rub-a-dub-dubbing in the the tub.