Laughter Is The Best Medicine

Warning. I’m going to attempt to describe a sit-com scene I goofily created last night that almost decidedly will not translate from improv to keystrokes, but I’m going to anyway and if you don’t think it funny well fine then.

My beloved Susan does not give up her laughter cheaply. Not that she doesn’t have a marvelous sense of humor, it’s just that she is not necessarily prone to giggles or guffaws and where my efforts to produce them are concerned I’m pretty much chuckle material. With the occasional snort.

Last night after dinner and during a break in “On The Lot” I cleared the coffee table of the plates and flatware. After one of the knives clattered off the plate and onto the glass of the table top, I ran with that and let another piece slide off as I picked up the fallen knife, then letting that knife fall as I picked up that one and on and on and on most of the time with Susan sighing and chuckling and saying things like “Oh no!” and “Stop!” and “Stop it!” and “Ooooookaaaaaay now!” at which point I knew the slapstick had run its course and I corralled all the cutlery onto the plates and set the stack of stuff down on the table, extracting a napkin to wipe up the bits of dinner that had been showered onto the table during my showcase.

Of course I then set to scrubbing the surface area with increasing and meticulous vigor, and Susan enabled my efforts by pointing out spots I’d missed. When I’d finished to our mutual satisfaction with me feigning exhaustion I carefully put the napkin back on the dishes, picked it up and of course I poured all the forks and knives off the plates to spill noisily back onto the table, and I finished things off by totally ignoring them and deadpan walking the plates to the kitchen where I was surprised to hear that my antics caught Susan by the funny bone and she was laughing the loudest and longest I’d heard her do so in awhile, be it at/with me or a paid professional.

She was still going strong by the time I returned to clean up the aftermath and I have to say it pleased me to no end.