Ranger’s Rug Romp Ritual

Every day: Apologies for the entirely nonintuitive focus of my dang iPhone. it finally sharpens up the last 10 seconds or so.

The Warlock Is Winning

I’ve been one to watch in a certain shocked awe at the ongoings going on in Charlie Sheen’s world, but not one to point-and-laugh these last few days, unless the escapades he delivers are truly funny — and this is seriously full of hilarious winning. Bravo, Charlie: Charlie Sheen’s Winning Recipes from Charlie Sheen

This Gives Me An Idea

You might recall past blog posts of mine regarding driveway blockers and how I deal with them. Most get a page-long letter scolding them for their inconsideration. Some get cited, and the occasional superfail gets his or her car’s ass towed to the nearest impound yard. Well, thanks to the internet, I have found a …

Funintentional Juxtaposition

After setting my reading specs down on the table beside my chair in the livingroom last night, I chanced to glance how I’d serendipitously placed them upon the current copy of Smithsonian magazine and it gave me a chuckle as I grabbed for my cam to capture it (click it for the bigger picture):