Foreign The Flora

File this under Never Ceast To Amaze. Last year it was morel mushrooms that sprang up outta nowhere in the backyard. This year in a decidedly barren patch along the northside of the house this pair of two-foot-tall bulb-tipped stalks climb vertical out of the dirt with no complementary greenery and proceed to go off like big pink fireworks.

click to quadruplify

And speaking of quadruplification, in other flower power news the neighboring San Pedro cactus up against the fence, whose night-bloomer I attempted to timelapse capture at dusk (but unfortunately ran out of daylight) August 5, has been working overtime putting new blossoms out the top of a previously dormant branch. A week ago these things were the size of buttons and now the quintet is four times that size and growing:


Shouldn’t be too many more days now before I can put my mad engineer hat back on and give the timelapsing another try — only this time with some secondary illumination to pick up where the setting sun drops off.