Battery Mate

It’s certainly not every day that I need 34 CR2032 3V lithium cell batteries, and staring at the stacks of packages in front of me on my desk that I ordered Monday and that arrived last night, I don’t really need that many. At least not all at once. But eventually I will, given that I have a whole bunch of LED blinky lights for my bike that are starting to go dim and that use that specific power source. Two batteries each, in fact.

But still, why 34? Because I found, a website that made me an offer I couldn’t refuse:


In short I got 34 batteries for $33, free shipping — and no sales tax.

As a comparison, let’s take a looksee at the online version of Radio Shack (my previous battery supplier of choice) and see how they stack up:


At that per-unit price, I’d be looking at $169.66, and though the dollar amount would have qualified me for free shipping, I’d certainly be looking at sales tax, bringing my grand total to about $184.

Gawd bless you Battery Bob!