LA Bike Tour 2006

And just like that, with tonight’s ride home from work I’m 100 (point-eight) miles from my revised annual bike mileage goal of 3,000. Wasn’t it just September 20 when I arrived at 2,007? Yes, it was. Did I kick ass this fall? Indeed, I did. Am I already thinking about how far I want to ride in 2008? Of course I am.

But back in the present, should all roll well, I’ll hit the mark (also known as: The Most I’ve Ever Biked In Any One Year) on the bike ride home next Wednesday, perhaps even Tuesday night if I get the energy up to do Stephen’s Los Angles Punk Rock Ride from Echo Park to Bergamot Station in Santa Monica and back Saturday night.

But with Susan’s office Christmas party Friday Night followed immediately thereafter by Midnight Ridazz’ 2nd Annual All-City Toy Ride I’m thinking Saturday night’ll be better spent at home with my baby watching either the long-anticipated Killer of Sheep or the popcorny Transformers… a disparate pair of movies if ever there was two.