This Is Why I Hate: Mopeds & Fedex (UPDATED)

Talk about a twofer this morning. In the first clip I come up behind an insecure moped rider on Venice Boulevard who — despite it being illegal and able to attain and maintain traffic flow speeds — opts to ride exclusively in the bike lane:

And in this next encounter a few blocks later I come up to a Fedex delivery vehicle parked like a tard in full blockage of the bike lane, so with room on the right (where the driver should have pulled the vehicle) I opt to avoid entering the No. 3 traffic lane and instead go the inside route instead:

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UPDATE: I stand stupid and corrected. A commenter to the moped video’s page on YouTube wrote that I’m totally incorrect in my belief that mopeds are not legally allowed in California Class II bike lanes — and he or she is totally right. It turns out in my research I read an incomplete version of CVC 21207.5, which stated: “No motorized bicycle may be operated on a bicycle path or trail, bikeway, bicycle lane, equestrian trail, or hiking or recreational trail…” The part I missed was: “…unless it is within or adjacent to a roadway.”

So: it’s totally legal. And it still totally pisses me off.