TortoiseCam Is Go!

In the wake of my post about snail vine blossoms and our tortoise Buster’s addiction to them, my friend and fellow L.A. Metblogs contributor Julia excellently suggested “Dude, howsabout you webcam Buster so we can feast our eyes upon the tortoise feasting upon the flowers.

So of course I said oh hell yeah and cranked the porchcam off the almost entirely nonactive birdbath outside  and now we’ll have pretty much the following visual of some greens and some snail vine blossoms…

…that Buster may or may not wake up to stroll over to and quickly devour at some point. Fingers crossed we catch some of the hot turtle feeding action.

P.S. That’s just a still image above (not that it’ll change much live). The Webcams page wiith the motion-sensing version is here.