An Occasional Look At Favorite Shirts: Vote

Inaugural entry here: Leonardo

Back a few months after I got my Street Legal tee-shirts completed, my friend and sincere cyclista Mihai’s main squeeze Brigitte (also a dedicated rider) emailed me saying how much she’d like to buy a his ‘n hers set to surprise her beau for his upcoming birthday.

Buy? Down to the last few of the supply of 24 that I’d been happily giving away to friends and acquaintances, I certainly wasn’t going to start charging now and I packed ’em up and sent them to her and she contacted me when they arrived, thrilled.

T’was my pleasure Brigitte.

Last week I got an email from her telling me she’d like to return the favor in the form of a shirt she’d created whose typographic design is a timely call to action that plays off the iconic Robert Indiana Love sculpture from the 1970s and she wondered if I’d like one. What do you think I said:

It arrived a few days ago, looking awesome. On the back it reads Nov. 4 in the same style. Not only is it an insta-fave but thanks to a purge of my dresser drawers last weekend I have room for it and it won’t get buried.

Thank you, Brigitte!