Botanically Speaking

Since I’m still pretty much punked out and recovering from me being a poor hydrater during the latter half of my 64-mile bike ride yesterday there isn’t a whole lot happening around here other than I’m wandering around the backyard with my cam complaining about how hot it is to no one in particular while taking pix of that and this and trying to get the energy together for a short-list of stuff I need from Costco.

So in lieu of anything even remotely interesting to post about I give you an update on some various botanical projects in various stages of growth (or not), ending with a gratuitious honeybee shot after the jump.

1. The Loquats? More like noquats!
Back on June 8 I did a mass planting of loquat seeds collected from my conspicuous consumptions of the fruit that growsf rom the neighbors tree on our side of the fence. With near-daily waterings and general consternation… nothing. Not so much as a sprout. Things look exactly the same as they did on Day No. 1. Gah!

2. Sunflowers
There was some good news that same day that I planted the loquat seeds in the form of the sunflower seeds sprouting a couple weeks after I’d planted them as part of the Great Sunflower Project, and I’m happy to report the sunflowers are growing strong. Right now there are 11 sunflower plants on the rise, like this one:

None have any buds yet but hopefully they will soon.

3. Power of the Passion
With the options of either planting or throwing away the seeds from a passion fruit I’d plucked from a vine growing alongside the Ballona Creek Bikeway, I opted to plop them into a pot of soil, and voila: this morning several of them stood up to say hello:

4. Miscellaneous
The cactus pads are still rocking, as are the two remaining avocado treelings, and the two tomato plants Susan planted are producing a good crop of flavorful ‘maters.

After the jump as promised: clickably biggifiable bee porn!