Urban Velo and Wired’s Gadget Lab blog are reporting that Specialized is not only hopping on the readymade fixed-gear blandwagon, but the bikemaker has apparently opted to deliver the “cheap” Globe Roll 2 ($800) and Roll 1 ($600) already color-schemed as a “Ghost Bike” either because Specialized has no clue what they’ve done — or perhaps the better to minimize delays in installing the bike as a memorial wherever the hipster noob-rider gets killed at on it.


Stupidity or genius. Either way amazing.

UPDATE (5:24 p.m.): Thanks to Brad from Urban Velo for pointing out in the comments that my computer screen sucks — and for opting not to slag on my eyesight. “The bike is baby blue, as pictured. Look at the detail shots,” he wrote after curtly demanding I adjust my monitor.

Sure enough upon closer unadjusted inspection the frame is a lighter shade of paaaaale baby blue (I’d almost call it preterm baby blue because the color looks like it could use a week or two more to mature). Plus there’s also the chromed bits (that I saw on my uncalibrated unadjusted monitor all by myself without them needing to be pointed out) so I take it aaaaall back.

Wait, no I don’t: white tires, white rims, white saddle and white bar grips… all still moan “Ghooooooost Biiiiike” and in fact the frame’s fey hue might make the ride look even more haunting at night.