I marvel at the miniaturizing effect of tilt-shift photography, but never enough to figure out the steps and motions I have to go through to craft my own.

Now I don’t have to because there’s tiltshiftmaker.com.

You simply upload a photo, such as I did with this iPhone crapsnap from my seat at Staples Center for the Michael Jackson Memorial Tuesday:


And presto change-o, tiltshiftmaker.com does its tiltshift thang and outputs this for you to download:


The differences are only moderately visible between the two so to get the more tiltshifted picture you’ll wanna click the pix to get the fuller effect. Mind you, the source material is probably not the best choice to play with, and on top of that in my ignorance I didn’t do any messing with the available settings so this is just the default tiltshift that could probably improve with some adjustments. And skill. Still, way cool!