My Sunflower Timelapse Has Begun

So I tilled some earth yesterday. I love saying that: “tilled some earth.” Show of hands, when was the last time any of you city slickers boasted of that activity, huh?


Anyway, this city slicker got busy yesterday with the electric tiller on the corner patch of ground in the front yard (pictured above) that five/six years ago was densely overgrown and most notable for being a place the local coyote couple liked to hang out in… up until I discovered them there after one tried to lure Shadow in for an ambush. Instead I ambushed them and ran them all the way south down the block  and around the corner. Then I came back, cut down all the dense foliage and accumulated leaf litter they liked to hide in, and ringed it with river rocks. Since then, pretty much it’s sat unused by either man or beast, but this year I decided to change that and get a sunflower patch growing there, with sunflower seeds saved from last summer’s small backyard bunch of the flowers that I planted and tended, and that amazed me to no end.

I’ve already got a baker’s dozen or so growing in that same backyard space as last year, but since Coyote Corner is one of the few places on our property that gets some great prolonged  sunlight from the late-morning onward this time of the season I figured I’d sow 100 or so seeds in five tidy rows this morning before work and see how many might germinate. Then I thought wouldn’t it be swell if I relocated a webcam to a vantage point over the hopefully soon-to-be sprouts and left it capturing a frame every 10 minutes compiling their growth into a timelapse movie.

We’ll just have to see how that turns out.