This was the sunflower whose main bloom that the renegade squirrels took left me shaking fists at the rascally rogues. But one of the beautiful aspects of sunflowers is when they lose their heads, often times they’ll just shrug off the setback and make more. In this case, this subsequent flower pictured is one of three that have since opened up. Though none are near as large as the handful of initial blossom that was lost, size certainly does not matter to the bees, such as the one pictured above, coming in for a landing (click for the bigger picture).

In other news, I haven’t lost a bloom since Sunday when I removed the chicken wire fencing I put up around them when I first planted the seedlings in the soil. Turns out the perimeter barrier, which did a great job protecting the flowers as they grew to blooms, only better enabled the raiding squirrels’ access to their tasty bits.