And Again With The Avocados

Waaaay back — I’m talking like three or four years — I set out to grow a batch of seeds from four store-bought avocados. All four sprouted leaves but one died rather quickly, and a second one went after a few months. The remaining two now all gangly/spindly and between three- and four-feet tall were recently transplanted into bigger pots, where they’re not the healthiest looking trees in the backyard, but they’re progressing.

So last weekend when I was doing some yard work and came across a half-eaten avocado no doubt pilf’ed from a nearby tree by one of the resident squirrels who then unopportunistically dropped it onto the parkway in front of our house. Instead of throwing it away, I let it rot on our kitchen window sill until last night when I started to throw it away but washed the seed clean of it’s remaining putrifying flesh and set it up to sprout, like so.

In charting this one’s growth I expect to be less sporadic than I was in chronicling the progress of the previous pods (the last post was two years ago when there were three), so you’ve been thusly warned.