Yeah, that one. The one I placed up there because I’m a nut who enjoyed the awesome view of the neighborhood and beyond. Great place to kick back, enjoy a beer maybe a ceegar and some sunshine and the city.

Well, after last night’s winds, it’s not on the roof anymore — not because I went up there and removed it before things really started blowing, oh no… that would require intelligence. Instead it’s not on the roof anymore because I left it there having betted on the Santa Anas not being that bad in our part of the greater SoCal region.

Boy did I lose that bet.

The Santa Anas were the worst and most sustained I’ve endured in a long time. Between the gusts buffeting the house and various things (like the chair) falling, or windows opening up and banging, I don’t think I got a stretch of uninterrupted sleep that ran more than 15 minutes last night.

The winds were enough to lift the chair up off the apex of the roof and tumble it down the front of the house. I found it this morning where it had come to rest suspended awkwardly on the cross beams above our porch.

With the winds predicted to return tonight I’m not back-to-back stoopid. I did not return the chair from where it fell. Instead, I used my noggin and stationed it on the ground, a far more stable envioronment and that offers much greater protection from any freight train gusts that barrel through.