Every year these last few Susan and I have made the front porch our July 4th destination because despite ALL fireworks being ILLEGAL in Los Angeles, it seems like far too many of our otherwise mild-mannered neighbors disregard that civic ordinance. And the result is an hours-long noisy, poppy blasty boomy show consisting mostly of bottle rockets and firecrackers, backdropped by whumps and flashes that seem to happen all across the celebratory war zone that becomes our city. For 2012, with Independence Day square in the middle of the week, I set the GoPro cam up on our steeply pitched roof aimed westward across the gulch between our house and Micheltorena Ridge to see if it could capture the broad magnitude of local lawbreakers.

PS. And yeah, while the visuals aren’t that compelling, the song track I paired it up with from YouTube’s library is definitely diggable. The title’s “Downside Away Blues” by Big Mojo.