rain131009Just in case you think I couldn’t have taken a crappier picture of my backyard precipitometer, you should’ve seen the first one I snapped and was about to use only to finally succumb to disgust and go snap this one, which is only slightly less unreadable. The important takeaways from the results of yesterday’s storm?

1) Don’t rely on my iPhone, and

2) Clean the damn precipitometer.

Technically speaking, this is not the first rain of the season. That one occurred on July 11, and dropped a full 0.02″ (count ’em: 0.01, 0.02!) more than yesterday’s sprinklefest. Looking through the accumulated muck in the bottom of the soon-to-be-swabbed-clean vessel I officially log the total from yesterday’s representative sample of rainfall (that looks like it could be squirrel piss) upon our backyard to be an entirely unimpressive one quarter inch… but hey, every 0.25 counts!

October 09: 0.25″
July 11: 0.27″

Season To Date: 0.52″