Active Weekend

It’s rare that I don’t post at least once a day, and even rarer that I don’t feel the pang to do so, but yesterday, by the time Susan and I got home from spending eight hours in the Angeles National Forest above Altadena (not to mention scarfing some serious El Pollo Chicken as a reward), I was too tee to the eye to the r-e-d to do anything but watch The Sopranos and hit the hay.

Susan, on the otherhand, had a little reserve of energy and managed a picture post about the hike before heading to bed.

But this morning, I’m refreshed and ready — and not nearly as sore as I expected I’d be from traipsing around for a third of a day across almost 12 miles over hill and trail up and down some 2,600 feet in elevation. Thusly energized, over on Flickr you can find newly minted photo sets of yesterday’s post-Earth Day nature walk up the Mt. Lowe Railway Trail to Inspiration Point and back, as well as a smaller set from Saturday’s Downtown Art Ride.