Armoire Para Mi Amor

My baby ordered a new media cabinet for the livingroom that was delivered yesterday, weighing some 200 pounds. The furniture we had everything hooked up on before was actually a combination of two TV stands stacked one upon the other, one I bought from IKEA for my old apartment and another that I purchased when I bought the TV itself.



Needless to say the set-up was an unstylish means to an end that neither of us was thrilled with, and with the replacement piece she found online it was finally time to go out with the old and in with the new

It took much longer than expected, almost six hours. Assembly of the piece was finished in the first two and I was thinking, dang I’ll have time to go get some cigars and a haircut — via my bike! Not. The real time killer came in transfering all the components from one to the other. It’s easy to forget what a tangled web of wiring and inter-connection one must unplug and replug until you get knee deep back there in with the cables and the dustbunnies and realize it’s a damn crazy complex undertaking. There’s the TV, the satellite box, the TiVo, the 5.1 home theater DVD player, the stereo, the Playstation2, the turntable, the VCR.


(trust me, everything’s in there and plugged in and working)

It all adds up to one helluva long day. But I had it all done by the time Susan got home — and she loved it.