At the invitation of friend, biking blogger, and LA County Bicycle Coalition Boardmember Ted Rogers, I charted out and led a group “LACBC Sunday Funday” ride that took about 40 of us from the “slums” to the stars and all around the island of Beverly Hills. We endured a couple flats, collected the attentions of curious police patrols along the way, and I was called out on a couple occasions for not being a full-blown factually correct Koolaid-chugging cheerleader about how entirely awesome the municipality (and its water) is, but all told it was certainly an enjoyable experience for me and hopefully all who came along for the 13-mile 3.5-hour ride.

I even modified a 1938 Ragsdale Movie Guide Map for use during the “lookeloodikrus” portion of the ride (click it for the bigger picture):